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Spring, Summer and Fall, just like that!

The fall of the year brings dog activities that promise some great training opportunities along with loads of fun and even a few games!

On October 10 and 11 we will offer for the first time, Nose and Toes .
This workshop weekend filled very quickly which tells us we need to offer more training weekends like this one! We will, please check back.

On Saturday November 21, Misty of Misty Downs Farm will be with us to do a Fundraising Photography Session with your dogs! This themed event will give 100% proceeds to our KidsCamp! Scholarship Fund.

NEW - We are looking forward to our first Blood Clinic to be offered in the next couple of months. A local veterinarian and staff will be at Mahogany Ridge and be offering a variety of options.

If you are looking for a getaway with your dog and would like to learn more about your dog and their health there is still time to register for the Healthy Dog Conference at Graves Mountain Lodge. Join us for a long weekend of study, humor and friendship!

Never too early to register for 2016 Dog Training Camp at Graves Mountain Lodge. The staff is meeting at the end of October this year to prepare the schedule and assign staff to make this April camp a great training week for both you and your dog!

Dates have been set for KidsCamp! 2016. We are offering 2 weeks this upcoming year giving kids and parents the option of 1 or 2 weeks of camp! Special discounts will be offered for multiple registrations. Check this camp out for your child or grandchild. It is the highlight of our year at Mahogany Ridge!

Theresa said: "You girls could be in a kennel!"
The 3 girls: "What on earth is that? We are in heaven at camp fun and run! Sometimes we have to sit for a picture but that is fine. You should think about making your dogs next boarding trip a training camp excursion!"

Our Fall class schedule for Culpeper and has been posted as well as new dates for our classes at Paws Awhile in Warrenton. Classes will continue to be added this fall to our Culpeper location.

And on a personal note, my son, Andrew James Richmond, has accepted an internship in Washington DC this fall semester and I will get to see so much more of him! Well done son.

Fall 2015

In addition to our regular classes, we also offer


Saturday and Sunday, October 10 and 11, 2015
Nose and Toes

"The Toes Knows"

Looking for something fun to do this fall?

Bring your dog for two days of Nose and Toes!
Learn about your dogs' Nose ability through NoseFun and Tracking
Toes ability with Rally-Obedience and Contact training

Click here to join the waiting list and we will keep you updated.

with Theresa Richmond

Saturday November 21, 2015

to Benefit KidsCamp! Scholarships

Bring your dog(s) and let our photographer guide you and take pictures.

100% of the proceeds will go to our KidsCamp! Scholarship Fund.
Every year, the fund makes it possible for kids to attend KidsCamp!

This year: Western Theme
for $25, you receive a CD with all pictures taken
First come, first booked, Limited slots.

Book NOW by calling Theresa Richmond 540 547 2958

April 4-8, 2016
Mahogany Ridge Dog Training Camp

Directed by Theresa Richmond

Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria, Virginia

We are working on 2016 Dog Training Camp registration page.
If you wish to be kept updated by mail, click here.

Mahogany Ridge Gift Certificates
are available and can be applied towards the training part of camp.
Make sure you let family and friends know you would like to participate and
send them to this page

June 20-24, July 25-29

Click here for more info about KidsCamp! 2016.

A weeklong day-camp for
kids and their dogs

KidsCamp! has a solid foundation
and is now in its 18th year! 0ver 30 camps, 5 in VA

Knowledgeable and caring instructors

More about KidsCamp!

Refer a friend and see what we offer!

Mahogany Ridge Gift Certificate
can be used towards KidsCamp!

What's all the barking about?

The Culpeper 4H dog club, Dogs BOL will hold their business meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Cooperative Extension Office on West Avenue in Culpeper. Our training meeting is held the forth Thursday of each month at Mahogany Ridge Training Center, beginning at 6:00pm with our Cloverbud members.
We are looking for kids who love dogs! No need to own a dog to become a member!

Contact the extension office for more information or come to our meetings and find out what all the barking is about?

4H Dog Club "Dogs BOL" (bark out loud)

Congratulations to handlers and dogs who passed the following tests
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
AKC Community Canine - the newest CGC test.

We had a group of wonderful dogs and handlers.

A big thank you to the volunteers who make this all possible!

Our 31st KidsCamp! was F U L L !

We had 20 'kid and dog' teams.

Mahogany Ridge Gift Certificates can be used towards KidsCamp

Benefits from attending KidsCamp! include, but are not limited to:

  • Children training their dog in obedience and agility.
  • Creating a strong bond between dog and handler
  • Thinking creatively during our art sessions
  • Practicing problem solving while training and most of all had
  • Having a lot of fun.

More about KidsCamp!

2015 Dog Training Camp!

Should you like to share some pictures, please email them to us.

Our 30th KidsCamp!

We were fortunate to add a
Canine Ride Along

that taught the kids and dogs how to ride in a cart while being pulled by a miniature horse or donkey.

The kids had a blast!

What a terrific group of 17 dogs and kids.

More about KidsCamp!

Mahogany Ridge Gift Certificates
can be used towards KidsCamp!

2014 Dog Training Camp!

View Album - Play slideshow
Should you like to share some pictures, please email them to us.

Absolute Public Auction

Our 4H Dog club, Dogs BOL, raised a nice sum of money at their public auction and wish to thank everyone that contributed their time, donations and energy to make this event a great success! Look for this to become an annual fundraiser!

Dog Club
"Dogs BOL"

2013 KidsCamp! - 52 paws

Eight new faces, two 2 time repeaters and one 1 year repeater attended our 29th KidsCamp! handling either their dog, their friend's or a "camp" dog.

Enjoyable weather enabled us to train and be outdoors most of the time. As a tradition, the highlight of KidsCamp! is the Graduation Show where each kid-dog team runs a Rally-O course followed by a 9 obstacle Agility course. Way to go kids, you are great! Then came the time for the certificates and the celebration cake.

A special acknowledge to our fabulous presenters for talking to the kids about special dogs and to our assistants for pitching in.

Let's stay in touch!

Click on picture

Rally-O WorkShop with Laura Clute

A group of eight Rally-O lovers eager to improve their handling and/or building up their dog's confidence gathered at Mahogany Ridge. Laura gave them insight on the signs, body language, flow of a course... and much more. The highlight of the week end was laying out a course, as you can see by clicking on the link on the right.

We are looking forward to welcome Laura in the spring of 2014 as she accepted to drive down and work with us again!

How to set-up a Rally-O course

E-Touch Course with Martin Deeley

"Martin Deeley's E Touch training at Mahogany Ridge was just what the doctor ordered! Martin and his charming, positive and caring manner of teaching and motivation gave me the confidence I need to do much more with my 8 month old Labrador. The intimate class size and flexible course structure is ideal and allows the substantive training to be tailored to the needs, goals and skill levels of the students and their dogs. The icing on the cake is the fantastic training facility and grounds at Mahogany Ridge! Theresa and her staff warmly embrace you, roll out the red carpet, feed you well and make you feel like family. A++ for a fantastic week and many thanks to Martin and Theresa! " Joi and Jack

2013 Volhard Dog Training Camp

Jack and Wendy Volhard celebrated their 37th year of dog training camps at Graves Mountain Lodge in Syria, Virginia the first week in April.

Congratulations Jack, Wendy, you have given to both the dog and dog training community a lifetime of research and support, thank you! We are looking forward to camp 2014.

For more information follow this link.

Culpeper 4H Dog Club, Dogs BOL

Come and join our club!

We are looking for more kids with and without dogs that are interested in learning and making a difference in our community through our dog program.
Our business meeting is held at the Culpeper office, cooperative extension on Davis Street. We meet the 2 nd Thursday of each month.

Send us your brags!

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After completing only 5 lessons of Go To Ground

with Brooke Corson (at Mahogany Ridge)

Griffin got his 1st Jr. Earth Dog leg!!!

Congratulations to Ellen and Griffin. You go team!


Below are our Go To Ground Graduates

Read about us "In the Press".

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