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Do you want (or have) a dog but don’t like the idea of leaving them home all day?
Does your puppy need help with housetraining and skill-building?
Do you wish there was someplace to really run your dog’s energy out?

Mahogany Ridge has an alternative for busy dog owners!

We have the facilities and resources to accommodate your dog, regardless of his age or size, in our Day Care program. Your dog’s health and well being are of the utmost importance to us, and we guarantee you will pick up a happy, well-balanced dog at the end of the day.

During their stay, your dog will…

  • Have lots of social interaction.

  • Make new friends. Theresa takes extra care in the introduction of your dog to the rest of the group to ensure that your pet is accepted and comfortable. Often, within just a few minutes of their visit, your dog will begin to venture out and interact with the day’s group.

  • Enjoy plenty of exercise.

  • Have the opportunity to play with other dogs, join in a chase game through the fields, or just lay back in the sun. With a caring supervisor, the dogs also love ball games, a swim in the creek, towel rub downs when they are cold or wet, group cookie exercises, loads of TLC, and general wellness examinations.

  • Have a chance for lunch and rest times.

  • And one hour during their stay, your dog will be offered a rest, separate from the group, allowing them to refuel in a safe and quiet place. We feed a small lunch or snack and have several types of crates to accommodate each dog.

Day Care Hours

Monday -  Friday
7:30 am-6:00 pm
Call Theresa to set up a visit!
(540) 717-0769


  • Base price per day - $35.00

  • Overnight Stay- Did you know we will keep our daycare dogs overnight. For this extended stay, we charge $75 each overnight. 

  • Summer bath-Seasonal outdoor baths offered April-October for our daycare dogs. A quick wash with shampoo, a rinse, and dry time!

  • $35.00

  • Nail Trim-Theresa will give your pooch a nail trim!

  • $20.00

Registration Form

Please take the time to print and fill this form out. Hand it to us at your scheduled evaluation for daycare! Call Theresa at 540-717-0769.

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