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Have to leave town and Fido can’t come? You may be interested in our home board-n-train.

At Mahogany Ridge, we do boarding a little different than most places. Not only does your dog get to romp and play on sixteen acres of dog-friendly land, but they also get some education daily. Living in Theresa’s home as part of the family, your dog will be socialized with people and other dogs.

While learning manners and self-control both inside and outside the home, your dog will receive a great deal of one on one time as well as play and rest time to create the calm balanced dog you are looking for.

Basic commands are taught and/or reinforced each day, both on and off-leash. Coming when called, door manners, and keeping feet on the floor are some of the things Theresa will be working on with your dog. From bad manners to socialization, whatever has been decided, your dog’s stay and the program is tailored to meet the needs of both the dog and owner.

We only have one board-n-train dog at a time.

Price begins at $1,295 for the first 8 nights.

Reduces to $75 per night, boarding rate, to stay on for further practice of lessons taught the first week.


Call Theresa if Board-n-Train is what you need!
(540) 717-0769

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