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Volhard Dog Training Camp 2024

Sunday, April 14 - Saturday, April 20

Under the direction of Theresa Richmond, enjoy a week of dog training with our well-seasoned staff and experience the Volhard Motivational Method.

Camp is a great opportunity to work with your dog at any level. Learn our building block approach to obedience training while always maintaining the integrity of your relationship with your dog.

Begin your day with Tracking, Treadmill or a Pack Walk. Continue with a balance of dog training, workshops, and lectures.

Enjoy a continuous training class at your level several times a day.

Group classes are offered from Beginner through Utility Obedience using the Volhard Motivational Method.

Our meals and snacks are 4-star quality! We also will have a hospitality room each evening before dinner.

Your day will end with an evening lecture covering subjects like First Aid, Stress, Diet and its effects on our training.

Camp was developed for dogs of all ages, as young as 8 weeks! Some owners bring more than one dog to camp having their senior dogs join them at lectures and evening programs.

If you own a dog and are looking for a fun, week-long getaway that will build a super bond and change the way you look at dog training forever! 

If you train dogs professionally, we invite you to come, and learn the foundation of our method to infuse your current program with new thoughts and ideas!

For more information or to register (click here).

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