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Send your child and your dog to camp for a week!

Together, they will spend 5 days learning everything dog!

Since the summer of 1999, KidsCamp! a week-long overnight camp developed and designed for children (8-17 years old) and their dogs, has offered the opportunity to learn and expand our children's growth and knowledge through dog-related activities.

Each day, training, not limited to obedience, tricks, and agility, is balanced with educational lectures and canine demonstrations.

While the dogs are resting, your child will attend lectures enjoy a healthy snack and learn to read a dog’s body language and how to work with their dog’s personality to achieve success for themselves and their dogs.

Over the past 20-something years we have watched our campers rise to become amazing canine partners in their community and have followed many from pet sitting in their neighborhood to volunteering at their local shelters and a few are working in the pet industry with several graduating from veterinary school. 

This camp is introductory in nature and a wonderful opportunity to grow an existing relationship and achieve amazing things as young trainers in five short days.

Here are some of the subjects that will be covered over the course of our camp week:

  • A basic study of dogs:  Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, the role of the Veterinarian, All breeds & Mixed Breed Dogs are discussed.

  • A trainer’s toolbox:  How and when to use a leash and collar, equipment, voice, hands, and body language.

  • Training Fundamentals:  Communication, Correction, when to use food and Praise, cleaning up after your pet

  • Basic obedience will include:  Daily pack walks, Place, Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Recall & Touch, Jump lane

  • Agility training will include Ladder, Bowls, Rocker, and Wobble boards, Walk boards, A-frame, Dog walks Tunnel and much more!

  • Safety:  Dog/dog interaction, handling dogs you don’t know, reading a dog’s body language.

  • Hygiene:  Our own, equipment, dogs living area and food/water bowl, grooming

  • Always on the agenda:  Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Team Building, Confidence building, Motivating your dog, and  Being part of the pack

  • Let's remember, afternoon adventures, swimming, hiking, crafts, and evening campfires with s'mores!



Overnight camper fees include boarding and care for your dog all week, all camper meals, snacks, amazing lodging as well as afternoon and evening camp activities, training materials, and most importantly, complete care and supervision of both your children's and dog overnight camp experience!

Early Bird Registration  = $1395 Ends March 15, 2023

General Registration= $1495 Ends May 15, 2023

Late Registration = $1595  Until Full (16 campers)

Location & Registration

KidsCamp! will be held at Camp Horizons Mountain Valley location in Harrisonburg, VA 

2 weeks of KidsCamp!

 July 10-14 and July 24-28, 2023

Click here to register your child for KidsCamp!


Jean Pagnotta Scholarship

As a child, my Aunt Jean was instrumental in my involvement with dogs and dog shows. She often commented to me that she hoped she had something to do with my love of animals. I always assured her that she did. I learned patience, trust, and many canine and life skills from my Aunt, and would like to continue to show my appreciation to her by giving back to other children.

We would like to offer children the opportunity to attend our Kids Camp with a partial or full scholarship!

April 15, 2023, is the deadline to submit for this scholarship.

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