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  • At what age should I begin training with my dog?
    Our program was developed for puppies 8 weeks and up. Training our dogs begins as soon as we take them home. Our method builds trust in the relationship with fun motivating exercises for pup and handler!
  • How can I get my dog to stop jumping on people?
    Teach your dog to sit for greeting.
  • My dog will not come when I call them. How can I teach this so they come all the time?
    Play a recall game with them several times a week. This game is most effective with two or more people. Start in sight of the dog and then begin to hide in different parts of your home requiring the dog to "find" you. Every time the dog gets to you take hold of the collar and feed them a yummy treat! Now someone else calls them and repeats taking hold of the collar and feeding them. Once this is going super well inside open the back door, if you yard is fence, and give it a try outside too!
  • Do you board dogs overnight?
    We offer overnight stays for our Daycare and Board 'n Train dogs only.
  • Do you offer training classes to enable me to earn AKC, American Kennel Club titles on my dog?"
    Yes, we offer several classes to prepare you for competing with your dog. Pure breeds and mixed breeds are all welcome to compete in AKC events. We have evaluators that can teach and test you and your dog for the CGC, Canine Good Citizen as well as All level of AKC tricks titles!
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